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Dear Friends

I hope you enjoyed last weeks pranayama breathing techniques, and hopefully you are beginning to incorporate them into your daily routine! 

My favourite time of the day is morning and the routine of meditation – I call it WPM – Wake, Pee, Meditate!

Benefits of Meditation
While the primary reason for meditation is is to bring stability to the fluctuations of the mind, there are many other benefits to the practice. Through control of the mind, we are able to observe the mind and see that we are not that; we can choose how we direct the mind energy and to choose at any moment to connect and merge on a universal level.

In addition, meditation helps us in many other ways. The full relaxation allows the body to access real rest, almost like simulating deep sleep. In fact, with a regular meditation practice, we may find that we need less sleep overall. Meditation helps to decrease overall stress levels and is a tonic for the whole system. And I’m talking from someone who, for years, had poor sleep quality, my mind would just not let go……this has taken me time and practice, I had to seek it out for myself.

On another level, meditation improves our ability to concentrate and improve both physical and emotional responses to stress. It can help us to control our emotional responses, observe and change of our patterns, and direct our energy in better ways, instead of letting others deplete our energy, we can learn how to work it.

Establishing a Practice
Meditation is a practice like any other. Its like training a muscle, the more we practice it, the stronger it grows. The same is true for meditation and for many, it can be slow and frustrating in the beginning. The key in any practice is just that: practice and consistency. The mind will wander, just remember, its ok, just have the awareness to bring it back each time by connecting to your breath, as if the breath is your anchor.

Taking the time to build a habit with dedication will allow us to move through all of the challenges along the way. The key for exploring meditation is a consistent, diligent daily practice. Diligent means that when sitting, we are actually meditating, not just going through the motions or giving in to lethargy. Strong conscious intent is an important part of training our attention.

During preparation:
◊ Review your motivations for meditating
◊ Set goals for each session
◊ Beware of expectations — hold goals lightly — and don’t set yourself up for disappointment
◊ Commit to just 2-3 mins to being. PM me, I will help you
◊ Review potential distractions and resolve to set them aside if they arise
◊ Choose a meditation object — having a candle lit as a point of focus helps keep us in the moment.

Join me any Monday evening at 8.30pm for Adults meditation. All you need is a quiet space in the comfort of your own home, a blanket, candle and you, I will take care of the rest!

Children’s meditation 6 week terms begins 17th May @ 7,.30pm!

Wishing you a happy and peaceful bank holiday!


“Always believe something wonderful if going to happen” – Unknown

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Marie Cronnelly

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