Mindset Monday Reset!

The great outdoors

Spring is here and so is the sunshine! How are you feeling?

Each time we change seasons, its a time to reflect and also get clearer on our vision, maybe its a challenge we’ve been thinking about or a vision we want to get clearer about, what do we want our future to look like.

Here are a few journal prompts (I love journaling and especially looking back on my journals to see how far I’ve come, even when I take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back)! I become more motivated with an extra spring in my step, I would like to support you as you plant your seeds for the Spring season ahead.

  • What lessons did you learn this winter
  • In what ways have you grown
  • Is there anything you are ready to let go off
  • What seeds are you planting now

One. Day. At. A Time.

I run a beautiful kids online meditation class each Monday at 7.30pm, kids can tune in from the comfort of home, take their teddy’s (the younger ones) and learn some breathwork, which has proven to alleviate anxiety and release those little worries kids sometimes have. This is a fun, safe space where kids get to journal. I invite a parent to sit in on the meditation class if they so wish.

“My daughter has really enjoyed Marie’s meditation class each week. It has helped her with a lot of hospital appointments and doesn’t feel as stressed and she would have previously. I have to say I’ve enjoyed them too as her Mom, a chance for us both to become present and chilled”

We have beautiful yoga, breathwork and meditation classes each Wednesday evening for adults. We are 4 weeks into the term and will e advertising another 6 week block in the coming week. We are growing our meditation muscle week on week and its amazing when he sit in stillness what can come up for us and what we can let go off. For me, this is so important as a meditation practitioner, that in some small way, I get to hold the space for people to experience.

Next challenge coming up for me is to climb Carrauntouhill, so easing off on the odd tipple to concentrate on my goal!

With gratitude


Marie Cronnelly
Marie Cronnelly

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