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Dear Friends,

 You were born with a soul… a soul that knew,  from the moment it was conceived,  who you are, at your deepest, most authentic level. Then,  the “surf of life” wipes us out… certain people can hurt us,  health conditions crop up, challenges to our finances or work life.  And its in these moments,  the mind and body can either stay fallen off the wave,  and not attempt to catch any more because they don’t want to risk falling off again… OR… listen to a soul that says; “Go again”… Go again not so you can make others proud,  Go again not so you can be “someone”,  Go again not so you can tell people “I told you I could do it”,  but more;  because you can connect to your soul, and do it for you!

 I know heading back out for another wave might feel like the last thing you want to do at times!  And in these times,  be authentic and be kind to no 1! Then, once you’ve had time to recover,  get back on it!  I have high hopes for you dear friend…. not because you read my emails (although that’s lovely of course),  but more;  Because by virtue of having read this far,  you’re on that journey of riding your waves of truth,  of knowing you can become who you know you can become.  

I was driving into work this morning reliving an annoying memory from a couple of weeks ago,  making my body feel annoyed!  When I spotted it,  I just laughed out loud! Why? Because it’s funny.  Funny because the mind has no rhyme or reason,  it just zips from one bit of bollocks (excuse my french), then zaps to the next.  And,  all you’ve got to do to become aware of it,  is awaken to it… spot its tendencies,  and you’re there… observing it.  And then?  Then just keep spotting it,  over and over… and eventually,  in it’s own time,  the thought (or feeling) will pass.  If it doesn’t, that doesn’t mean you’re “doing it wrong”,  it just is.  

You’re going to be ok dear friend,  how do I know when I don’t even know some of you?  Because inside of you is the same awareness that’s inside all humans…  and… all you’ve gotta do to tap back into that awareness, take a deep breath,  and be here now! 

Check out my Podcast interview on Spotify “Living my live with purpose” with Sharon Fitzmaurice…..(I will upload to website this week)

Sending happy vibes


Marie Cronnelly
Marie Cronnelly

Dip. Psychology for Counselling, Accrediting to IMMA, IPHM, CCPH

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