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The key in Marie’s class is  to find the correct yoga method for you. Something that resonates with you, that leaves you feeling good, both physically and mentally. The beauty of this tool of yoga is that while one of its primary goals is a deep sense of wellbeing, some of the by-products include strength, tone, vitality, flexibility, relief from many aches and pains, a greater ability to deal with stress and a sense of and calm & clarity throughout your day, moving you towards a more mindful day

Throughout the 6 weeks we will work on the following:

* stretching which relieves tension,

* twists which help spinal rejuvenation; aid digestion and help to detoxify the body;

* inversions which aid the lymphatic system

* balance and regulated breathing which calm the nervous system and

* heart openers which invigorate the adrenal system and strengthen the back muscles.

Regular practice balances all the systems of the body, activating and toning the muscle, bones and organs. It corrects posture, restores energy and stamina, clears the body of toxins and soothes and calms the mind.

Marie is passionate about her practice, while honouring the traditions of yoga, by listening to the body, what is the body calling out for, beginning to tune inwards and ignite that flame. Marie works very much on aligning Mind, Body, Breath helping you reach a state of peacefulness while also strengthening your meditation “muscle”.

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Come and join me at 5.30pm Tuesday 13th September on the mat where we will deepen flexibility, increase strength or simply take some time out from your busy day to allow yourself to Breath and Be……and live in the present moment.

If you are a complete beginner then this is an ideal class.  Give yourself the gift of some time out while we nourish our Body, Mind & Soul. If you are an experienced Yogi or meditation lover, you will love this, it combines Breathwork as well as Vinyasana Flow Yoga, Restorative and a little Power Yoga in some classes before we take to the mat for a beautiful relaxation Savasana meditation, allowing you to move more mindfully into your day.

Classes are 45 mins long and run over 6 weeks consecutively. Begins Tuesday 13th September, Conference Rooms 3rd Floor, Blackrock Clinic