Soma Breathwork Monday 6th May @ 7.45pm


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Want to try Soma Breath but not sure what its all about, then read on……

Join me at the beautiful tranquil space of Marie’s Athenry Wellness Studio and you will automatically drop the shoulders down and feel the relaxation begin from once you open the door.

Soma breathwork helps put the brakes on the stress response and through relaxation and breathwork we can shift in to the parasympathetic nervous system and feel the rest, digest, relax envelope you by using the breath as your anchor.
Awaken dormant parts of the brain
Enhance creativity and problem solving
Create heightened states of consciousness and inspiration
Improve brain function and take back your power
Stimulate self healing
Reduce anxiety
Clear negative imprints and re-imprint your mind with more empowering beliefs
Discover your true self when we take time to calm the mind
This class promises to be an experience of connection with Mind, Body, Breath!
Join Marie on the mat each Monday 6th May 7.45pm for 1hr 15 mins and give yourself the gift of self care.