Somaa Yoga Therapy, Wednesday 19th June 6.30pm


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Soma Yoga Therapy works with the somatic principles of listening to the body, interception and conscious breathwork in relation to movement and yoga asana practices that move the body through the myofascial trains, in order to re-educate the neuromuscular system and help the body and mind recover from the imprints of stress and the emotions. The method also utilises biomechanics in relation to functional movement and joint stability and can also be used to work with many physical issues such as dropped arches, knee issues, hip bursitis, sacroilitis , lateral pelvic tilt, frozen shoulder,  scoliosis etc. Depending on the issue, sometimes the practices are more functional and sometimes more somatic in nature.


Many somatic practices. including Soma Yoga Therapy, also incorporate movement to re-educate the neuromuscular system to help the body recover from imprints of stress, grief, anxiety and trauma.


Beings Wednesday 19th June  for 1 hr 15 mins