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The Mindful Heart Curriculum

An Introduction to Mindfulness in the Classroom

Marie is a registered practitioner with the The Mindful Heart Curriculum. This Irish based school curriculum provides ‘A Whole School Approach’ to Mindfulness in the Classroom. 
This curriculum has been composed by Louise Shanagher, BA and MSc in Psychology, Play Therapist, Mindfulness Teacher and Psychology Lecturer and by Paul McNamee, BA in Psychology. This is equivalent to the Paws.b curriculum for the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

The Mindful Heart Curriculum helps to promote an environment of calm and peacefulness in the classroom, which promotes the positive implementation of the ‘ Well-being Promotion Process’ as per the Department Circular in July 2018 regarding the introduction and implementation of the ‘Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice’ for promoting the well-being of students.
As a Creative Mindfulness for Kids Practitioner and a Mindful Heart Curriculum Practitioner, Marie helps to empower children’s mental, emotional and physical health and well-being by using techniques to reinforce her ethos that ‘everything we need is already within us’.  Marie helps to equip children with their own personal ‘tool kit’ for helping to understand, deal with and overcome the many mental, emotional and physical challenges they are faced with, particularly in this global pandemic crises.

This curriculum helps children to adopt a Mindful approach to every- day living.  It helps children to understand that all emotions, all feelings are ok to experience and that there is room for all of these emotions in our hearts.  It helps children to understand that we can and do experience many thoughts, emotions, feelings at any time but that they can use the ‘tools’ in their ‘personal toolkit’ for wellbeing, for coping mechanisms and for stability and health. 


Joe Kennelly, Principal
Cregmore National School

Marie’s Mindfullness and Meditation for Children” It is vitally important that we look after the wellbeing of all our children and we are always looking for new ideas and activities to ensure that our pupils are happy, content, self aware, confident, assured, and able to deal with any issues and concerns they may encounter. To supplement our Yoga class we were delighted to welcome Ms Marie Cronnelly to facilitate a mindfulness workshop with Rang 2 on Wednesday last. The class was truly amazing and Marie’s ability to create an atmosphere of self-awareness, relaxation, reflection and confidence was indeed special. Probably the most beneficial aspect of Marie’s class was her ability to provide the children with coping mechanisms should they feel anxious or concerned. It is our intention to explore the possibility of having Marie return next year to facilitate mindfulness classes with our pupils. Marie who resides in Athenry facilitates individual and group workshops and she may be contacted 087 6709520. Further information can be had on Facebook by checking out “Marie’s Mindfulness and Meditation for Children”.


Mark Hannon, Principal
Carnaun National School

“A Great article in the Connaught Tribune Marie, very informative, I know all the 3rd class children in Carnaun NS have really benefited from your weekly zoom classes during these trying times – Keep up the good work!”

Classes are suitable for 4yrs -12yrs.
Classes can be divided up or combined to facilitate the delivery of the curriculum. 
The curriculum is based over a 8 week programme,
but you can opt to run 4 or 6 weeks either. 

8-Week Programme

I would recommend running at least 6 consecutive weeks as it has the most benefits for the children. 
The weeks are broken down as follows: 

Week 1

The Mind Jar.

Week 2

Calming the mind. (incl. Meditation)

Week 3

Awareness of the body. (incl. Meditation)

Week 4

The Worry Monster. (incl. Meditation)

Week 5

Gratitude. (incl. Meditation)

Week 6

The Here and Now. (incl. Meditation)

Week 7

Everything Belongs Heart. (incl. Meditation)

Week 8

Being a Friend to Our Emotions. (incl. Meditation)


Carol Gaffney, Teacher,
St. Patrick's Primary School,

“This year our school undertook the Amber Flag and I sought advice from colleagues about ideas for hosting a Wellbeing Week. One  of my colleagues suggested I contact Marie Cronnelly as she has previous experience of working with schools to promote mindfulness. 

I contacted Marie who was very pleasant, warm and professional on the phone and she told me about the service she provided.
It sounded like the perfect way to celebrate Wellbeing Week.
She provided our school with zoom classes and taught us how to meditate. The classes were so well planned and catered for everyone. We all felt incredibly relaxed during and after the session. She even offered a lovely taster class to my class. The children and myself really enjoyed the classes and we all highly recommend Marie when it comes to the area of minding our wellbeing. We would like to say a big thank you to her for helping our school celebrate Wellbeing Week! “
Marie Cronnelly

Professional Childrens Mindfulness Instructor