The only way out is in….

Dear Friends,

I write this blog this evening to you after a busy weekend of Yoga teacher training, I’m half way through my training and this weekend was about turning inwards and looking at the “chitti vritti” meaning “whirpool”, another words the conversations we are having within with fluctuations in the mind. Unknown to ourselves we can have up to 10,000 thoughts in a day – that’s a lot of thoughts, right!

This morning I sat in meditation which I was able to go a little deeper, and found myself even getting angry on the mat, because I touched on something I perhaps didn’t want to see. I could visualize what looked like to me 2 weeds growing in the pit of my stomach, weeds that had been there for a very long time. When I looked at them in meditation, I discovered what they were. There were the conversations that have been there a long time and this morning I decided those weeds needed to be dug up and expelled out. Now, this work can be hard, I am years meditating and doing a lot of personal growth work. But the power of meditation allowed me to release something negative I had been holding onto. It was fear! It was the conversation saying to me “you can’t do it, give it up, stop doing all this work etc etc etc. Today, I challenged it and today I let go. I visualized myself digging those 2 weeds up and telling them “Hey guys, I know you’ve been here a long time, but it’s time for you to go, you are not serving me and I have to let you go, today is the day. In that powerful moment, I took a spade, I dug them up, but then I didn’t know what to do with them……until the teacher said “Surrender, let mother nature take what’s not serving you and offer them up to her, she will take them and give them back to the earth, she will nourish them and turn them into something else! I did exactly that……..I let mother nature take my negative bias away from me! I felt every emotion from anger, sorrow, sadness, then elation.

The reason I share this with you is to show you how powerful meditation can be. The only way out is in – I felt instead of leaving or giving up , it is better to face it, let the phase pass to reach the desired end. For me I felt this morning was the right time, I wanted to keep going, to face my fear until I could let go even though it can be tough. However, I am so glad I did and I only wished I could have released long before now. After the meditation I went onto one of the most powerful vinyasa flow yoga classes. My body felt lighter, my head felt clear and I was in a state of bliss. That was until my dishwasher leaked and suds filled my kitchen floor. Normally I would be running over frantically cleaning, but not today… I felt like Bob Marley in his song “Three little birds”…..

Don’t worry about a thing

Cause every little thing gonna be alright

Singing don’t worry about a thing

Cause every little thing gonna be alright! – Bob Marley

So, if you would like to try meditation, please join me in a gentle evening meditation every Monday evening at 8.30pm. Everyone has a different experience, some people like to do it for just some time out, to relax and have a peaceful nights sleep, there’s no pulling of weeds, if you don’t want to. It is your time, your space, your meditation, guided by me.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy day!


Marie Cronnelly
Marie Cronnelly

Dip. Psychology for Counselling, Accrediting to IMMA, IPHM, CCPH

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