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Dear Friends,

I write this blog at 8pm and its 22 degrees …….. In Ireland, Galway to be more specific.

We’ve just come back from a week of travelling around in our campervan named “Sukha”, meaning happiness, joy or bliss and boy was it appropriately named! I have learned more how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, taking in the breathtaking views from a different location every morning and doing all the things I love. It was some time for me to down tools and take a break from the every day life of being a busy Mom, working full-time and developing my yoga and meditation business, I had been putting in some long hours as I was approaching completion of 200 hour yoga teacher training. But I did it and I will forever remember lockdown as a time when I became a Yoga Teacher.

During the weeks holiday’s I swam in the most beautiful beaches, continued my daily meditation and got some yoga in most days. By night, we lit camp fires, and told ghost stories to the kids, toasted marshmallows and drank beautiful wine – that all sounds blissful until one of the kids threw up in the middle of the night, floor covered in sand, and other kids awake from the smell of puke – LOL, that’s the reality of “wild camping”, but I took my little boy, cleaned him up, changed his clothes, made another makeshift bed and told the others that everything was ok, and 5 mins later, everyone was asleep again…… except for me as mother instinct kicked in and worried he’d be sick again…….

I was just so happy to be there, in that moment, caring for my son who needed me. I felt present and I guess he could sense the security from me, that he drifted back to sleep and hardly remembered what happened the following morning. Me on the other hand was a little bleary eyed from the wine the evening before, and lack of sleep. So off I went to do my morning meditation and swim…… 40 mins later I was refreshed, kettle was boiling and tea was made. I realized how wonderful life is, the wonder of nature and the beautiful coastal shore lines of the wild atlantic way. I felt moments of happiness sharing and making memories with the people I love dearly.

Yoga has become a way of life for me now, I love how my body is getting stronger, I’m able to get into poses I never knew I could do, I still have so much to learn, but I’m enjoying the ride and will be forever learning yoga, meditation and going deeper. As I always say:

“The only way out is in! – Marie Cronnelly 🙂

So, if you think yoga might be something that interests you, if you’ve thought about it and wondered about meditation, then if you live nearby come and join me in Athenry, Saturday 24th July, 9am in the Park, (next to the castle), and let me guide you through a yoga flow, followed by meditation. If you live further way and I hope that some of you readers are even in other countries, I also have an online meditation zoom meeting each Monday night @ 8.30pm, link to this in website www.mariecronnelly.com

All that’s required is you, a mat (I will being some extras), water, and blanket for relaxation meditation at the end. Take a flask of tea or coffee and sit back after and chat to some like minded people.

Cost is €10 and pre-booking is essential due to social distancing etc (I’m not going to mention the word here).

Wishing you a pleasant evening and energized morning.

Marie x

Marie Cronnelly
Marie Cronnelly

Dip. Psychology for Counselling, Accrediting to IMMA, IPHM, CCPH

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