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Looking after our mind, body breath is just as important as sleep and good food. This has taken me many years to figure out, that taking an hour out for just YOU is important and a chance to nourish your needs emotionally as well as physically. It is uplifting to take ourselves off the hamster wheel we sometimes find ourselves on and just be….. with our breath, so simple, yet so hard to stop, breathe and be…… if this is something you are thinking about doing, but its on the long finger, then fear not….. I have the perfect solution….. actually I have 3!

If I find my mind becoming overactive, I turn to a simple breathing technique called the “Box Breath”. Box breathing is a powerful, yet simple, relaxation technique that aims to return breathing to its normal rhythm. This breathing exercise may help to clear the mind, relax the body, and improve focus.

How to implement this breathing technique:

Box breathing is a simple technique that a person can do anywhere, including at a work desk or in a cafe. Before starting, people should sit with their back supported in a comfortable chair and their feet on the floor.
Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose while counting to four slowly. Feel the air enter your lungs. Hold your breath inside while counting slowly to four. Try not to clamp your mouth or nose shut. Simply avoid inhaling or exhaling for 4 seconds. Begin to slowly exhale for 4 seconds. Repeat steps 1 to 3 at least three times. Ideally, repeat the three steps for 4 minutes, or until calm returns….. If you find this challenging to begin with, then reduce the count to 3. This is just one of the breathing techniques I use in my studio classes and online meditation classes… here are my 3 solutions.

Join me ONLINE ZOOM, every Monday evening at 8.30pm for online gentle stretch, breathwork and meditation

Or New Term of Yoga, Breathwork with Meditation begins

Tuesday 16th November, District Fitness Athenry 7pm for 4 weeks for an hour of yoga vinyasa & restorative – Here you will learn many breathing techniques and yoga practices, guaranteed to have you leaving nourished, refreshed, relaxed!

Wednesday 17th November, Raheen Woods Hotel, 7.30pm for an hour of vinyasa & restorative, breathing and guided meditation in the beautiful Kingfisher suite.

My aim is to create a wellness community both online and in person where you will enjoy coming each week to a safe, comfortable environment with encouragement and support. I have been blown away with the number of members who have joined each term, coming back to enjoy the atmosphere and share knowledge and strengthen their meditation muscle.

I look forward to seeing some new faces in the lead up to “you know what” so why not give yourself an early gift (I’m not mentioning the “C” word. This is a shorter term of 4 weeks beginning 16th & 17th November, a perfect way to set your evening off……..

For now stay safe, stay well!


Marie Cronnelly
Marie Cronnelly

Dip. Psychology for Counselling, Accrediting to IMMA, IPHM, CCPH

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